For us, there is nothing called “order to small” or “order to big”, cause we’ll glad to fulfill all order until you’re satisfied.


Our company workshop is located in Margomulyo Permai Industrial Estate – Surabaya. Fully equipped with the latest and finest production equipment consisting of industrial knives machines, CNC wire cut, E.D.M. machine, grinding facilities, and guillotine grinding up to 5,000mm in length, furnace heat treatment, machinery maintenance, hydraulics service, engineering, fabrication, and welding.

Here we strictly train our personnel to stand up to the quality and time schedule as required by our customers. Through our steps in continuous technical development, skill improvement, innovation, efforts, experiences, and support from our customers, suppliers, and world wide business partners, we are striving to become the most reliable industrial knives manufacturer in Asia.


Our company priority is to provide customers with the best selected steels, optimal heat treatment, precision products, constant quality control, shortest delivering time, competitive price, and to meet the customer requirements and their satisfaction.

Alloying Elements Usage

Metalisha Grade Chemical Composition No.  MetalishaGradeJISJapanChemicalComposition1.MSP-705SKH 55C.0.92%, Si.0.40%, Mn.0.40%, Cr.4.10%, Mo.5.00%,...

Alloying Element Usage

Baja (Tool Steel) dan KlasifikasinyaPT. METALISHA SENTOSA mengunakan Furnace...

Metalisha Grade Chemical Composite

Alloying Element Udage This section is in bahasa Indonesia....
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