Industrial Knives and Carbide Product

Our products such as:

Mechanical seal cemented carbide
Tungsten carbide profile cutter.
Tungsten carbide circular saw blades.
Tungsten and HSS knives.
Tungsten knives and cutter blocks.
Veneer slicer and rotary lathe knives.
Tungsten carbide for ingredient (food processing).
Tungsten carbide for mining and mineral industry.

Few of our products photo sample are shown below.


Cemented Carbide Drawing Dies for Metal
Industrial Knives Product
Ingredients Slicer Food Grade
Logsaw Tissue Knives
Precision Tobacco Machine
Multi Knives Block
Precision Tobacco Machine
Mineral Water Cup Seal


All Industrial knives and parts are manufactured from the...

Plastic and Packaging Knives

Our products such as: NC cutter (bimetal guillotine knives). Sachet Knives...
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