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Metalisha's History

began over 18 years ago as home industry, now Metalisha grown into one of Indonesia's most progressive and dynamic company. Due to customer demand The company has expanded into PT. METALISHA SENTOSA ...


All Industrial knives and parts are manufactured from the finest quality of steel which includes high toolsteel, high speed...

Industrial Knives and Carbide Product

Our products such as: Mechanical seal cemented carbide Tungsten carbide profile cutter. Tungsten carbide circular saw blades. Tungsten and...

Plastic and Packaging Knives

Our products such as: NC cutter (bimetal guillotine knives). Sachet Knives (horizontal and vertical perforation). End sealer blocks Tevopharm and eurosigma knives (zig-zag). Crusher...

Find out why Engineers, Mechanics, and Industrial Technicians swear by our products.

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